What messages are my dreams giving me? – 10 of Coins [Pentacles]. Tarot of Dreams. 

What messages are my dreams giving me? – 10 of Coins [Pentacles] – Earth – Mutable – Mercury in Virgo.

What messages are my dreams giving me? Very happy. An abundant life in all areas is within reach I just have to move towards it. This card as a very ethereal quality to it with the light peeking through the arch way suggesting that the life of my dreams, perhaps literally, is just ahead of me. The depiction of this card has very positive energy attached to it. There’s a spirituality to this card, it’s not solely about traditional wealth as seen in other depictions. It’s also calmer and peaceful so I’m heading for a calmer and peaceful life? It’s almost as if my dreams are taking me to an outdoor temple where a golden veil prevents others from looking inside. Yet, my dreams are inviting me into this temple and this sacred place. Mercury in Virgo, a mutable sign suggests communication between worlds where the barriers are thinning, or even no longer exist.

Doing this reading today has made me very happy as I love the energy contained within it.