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Dear Mary Miriam of Magdalene what Blessing are we receiving today?

Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle

7 – Faery Wishing Well


The Blessing we are receiving today is one of wishes coming true and manifesting for the good of everyone.. Let go of your expectations as what you are manifesting goes beyond yourself. What you have to offer is your Love, Compassion, and Divine Service.

I was also guided to draw a shadow card from the bottom of the deck.The definition I just received from the Divine is ‘What will become visible by the presence of the Light.’

What will become visible by the Presence of the Light?

35 – Stardust.


What will become visible will be own psychic gifts such as visions and clairaudience . Intuition will become stronger. We will communicate with Galactic Beings, and this will be a time of beginnings and endings.

This Blessing of Light and the shadow it casts tie in with messages I have received from Divine Father recently. The first was ‘Communication in society breakthrough.’ which seems to suggest more people are starting to use their gifts and communicating with the Divine. The second message was ‘Feminine knowledge and serenity.’ which implies the knowledge we are receiving is rooted in the Divine Feminine. This makes sense Heaven is now on Earth since the Door opening before the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.

Thank you Mary Miriam of Magdalene for this Blessing.

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Cobweb: What currently has me feeling stuck? – Queen of Wands. Tarot of Dreams.

Cobweb: What currently has me feeling stuck? – Queen of Wands – Water of Fire – 10 degrees Mutable/10 degrees Cardinal – 10 degrees Piscies/20 degrees Aries.

I am currently feeling stuck regarding my confidence and self belief. Also regarding my relationship with Ash I’m not sure of the best way to express my passion. Serial expression of my feelings is not appropriate at the moment. To be more accurate I am feeling more blocked than stuck. My womanhood feels unable to be expressed fully. When I look at the Queen of this card it feels as though her fire has been dampened down, and she’s not firing on all cylinders.

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​Skeleton: How can I strengthen my emotional foundation? – Queen of Cups. Tarot of Dreams.

Skeleton: How can I strengthen my emotional foundation? – Queen of Cups – Water of Water – 10 degrees Mutable/20 degrees Cardinal – 10 degrees Gemini/20 degrees Cancer.

I can strengthen my emotional foundation by being still and listening to my intution. I should freely express my emotions and spend time with the emotional aspect of myself. I should not judge myself for being emotional, or experiencing more lower vibrational emotions as they allow me to heal and become a better whole. I should take the transformative and flexible energies of the mutable aspect to birth new energies and states of being as these are supported by the Cardinal aspect. I should communicate what I wish for my home environment so I can create it. This advice is suggested by the Gemini/Cancer attributions of this card.

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Vampire: How can I avoid my energy being drained? – 2 of Coins [Pentacles]. Tarot of Dreams.

Vampire: How can I avoid my energy being drained? – 2 of Coins – Earth – Cardinal – Jupiter in Capricorn

I can avoid my energy being drained by ensuring I keep me energy balanced. Jupiter in Capricorn tells me that I should keep my energy expansive as that will also avoid energy drain. Constricting out of fear of energy loss actually drains my energy. This is also a cardinal card and suggests that to avoid energy drain I should birth new energy so that my energy maybe replenished. 

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Jack O’ Lantern: What needs illuminating in my life? I Magician. Tarot of Dreams.

Jack O’ Lantern: What needs illuminating in my life? I Magician – Mercury.

What needs illuminating in my life is the power and responsibility that I hold. Mercury tells me that I should communate the insights that I receive. Although the Magician is singular I am part of a network. Not only do I receive messages and instructions from the Divine, I act upon them. This is what makes the Magician different to the High Priestess.

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How can I honour my ancestors? – XIV Temperance. Tarot of Dreams.

How can I honour my ancestors? – XIV Temperance – Sagittarius.

I can honour my ancestors my mixing and integrating all the different strands of energy within me. The angel wings tell me that I should honour my Divine self, while the red planet reminds me to remember my Galactic Origins. The energy of this card is very interdimensional and reminds me to not fixate myself on one particular time of place. The sign of Sagittarius associated with this card encourages me to focus on higher education, to go beyond the basics and push myself. It also tells me that travelling is also honouring my ancestors. The lady also wearing no clothing and completely comfortable in being herself. Being myself and integrating all my different strands into the whole of my being is the best way to honour my ancestors.  

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#CHMMFallChallenge Day 26 http://staceyuk.chaotic-creative.com/blog/2016/10/26/chmmfallchallenge-day-26/ http://staceyuk.chaotic-creative.com/blog/2016/10/26/chmmfallchallenge-day-26/#respond Wed, 26 Oct 2016 14:30:43 +0000 http://staceyuk.chaotic-creative.com/blog/?p=259 img_20161026_150518Death – What do I need to let die (end)in my life? 0 The Fool. Tarot of Dreams.

Death – What do I need to let die (end)in my life? 0 The Fool – Uranus.

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting to draw this card when I was thinking about the question. I’m not sure what to make of it in relation to the question. In this card this Fool is standing on a ball i mid air so perhaps I need to end staying in one place. This fool is holding the earth in his left hand as I look at him so maybe I should end my connection to Earth. But this Fool feels outside of the Earth rather than a connection to it. I should definitely any feelings or thoughts I have of dominating over the Earth. Instead I should BE One with Gaia. There’s a city behind this Fool and to me this feels like New York. I’ve never been to New York in this lifetime but this card is telling me to forget any hopes I had of going there. Secondly, one of my favourite shows is CSI: New York. It finished years ago but I still love watching repeats. I think the Divine is telling me I should stop watching this show now. This makes me sad but I understand why. I believe the butterfly has a message for me but I am not sure what it is yet.

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How can I better connect to my witchy magical self? – XXI The World. Tarot of Dreams.
How can I better connect to my witchy magical self? – XXI The World – Saturn.

I can better connect to my magical witchy self by harnessing all of the elements into my life. I should stay grounded and centred and my life should be focused on Spirit and spiritual matters. I should observe all of the Wheel of the Year Sabbats and equinoxes. I maybe a small cog in a big machine but I still have an important part to play. I should remain open follow my own beat, but the Saturn associations of this card remind me to adhere to the rules that all Souls should follow.

When in doubt I should remember: Love is the Solution to Everything. In this case I should be kind and compassionate to everyone.

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#CHMMFallChallenge Day 24 http://staceyuk.chaotic-creative.com/blog/2016/10/24/chmmefallchallenge-day-24/ http://staceyuk.chaotic-creative.com/blog/2016/10/24/chmmefallchallenge-day-24/#respond Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:29:58 +0000 http://staceyuk.chaotic-creative.com/blog/?p=254
What messages are my dreams giving me? – 10 of Coins [Pentacles]. Tarot of Dreams. 

What messages are my dreams giving me? – 10 of Coins [Pentacles] – Earth – Mutable – Mercury in Virgo.

What messages are my dreams giving me? Very happy. An abundant life in all areas is within reach I just have to move towards it. This card as a very ethereal quality to it with the light peeking through the arch way suggesting that the life of my dreams, perhaps literally, is just ahead of me. The depiction of this card has very positive energy attached to it. There’s a spirituality to this card, it’s not solely about traditional wealth as seen in other depictions. It’s also calmer and peaceful so I’m heading for a calmer and peaceful life? It’s almost as if my dreams are taking me to an outdoor temple where a golden veil prevents others from looking inside. Yet, my dreams are inviting me into this temple and this sacred place. Mercury in Virgo, a mutable sign suggests communication between worlds where the barriers are thinning, or even no longer exist.

Doing this reading today has made me very happy as I love the energy contained within it.                              

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How can I remove this mask? – 2 of Swords. Tarot of Dreams.

How can I remove this mask? – 2 of Swords – Air – Cardinal – Moon in Libra. 

I can remove this mask by removing the blindfold I choose to wear. Hmmm. Another cryptic message. When I look at the blindfold over her eyes I keep hearing third eye so maybe I can remove this mask my sharing the psychic messages I am receiving via my third eye. This would make sense as I receive most of my messages when most people have gone to bed.

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