Wisdom of the Queen of Swords

Tarot Pearls of Wisdom

What am I missing or not seeing? – King of Cups. Tarot of Dreams.

What am I missing or not seeing? – King of Cups – Fire of Water – 20 degrees Mutable/10 degrees Fixed – 20 degrees Piscies/10 degrees Aquarius.

The face of this king reminds me of a soul I know as Carmine especially the eyes and facial hair. I am not seeing all the puzzle pieces when it comes to my relationship especially when it comes to my intuition (pisces) and my future (acquarius). Personally I am cyrrently missing emotional mastery and this is something I am working on. Once I have achieved this, more information may be revealed to me via my intuition about my future, and possibly about Carmine.

What lessons are here for me to learn? – Ace of Coins [Pentacles]. Tarot of Dreams.

What lessons are here for me to learn? – Ace of Coins [Pentacles] – Earth.

The lessons that are here for me to learn are connected to the material and Earth realm. It could could even be literal that the lessons that I am here to learn now are due to living on Earth. Another lesson that is here for me to learn is how to be open so I can fully receive abundance. Alongside this is how to make the most of the opportunities for abundance that come my way. Another lesson is how to co-exist with nature.

I’m living in an excing period of abundance right now and it feels great! These lessons are necessary to prepare me for the even more abundance I can sense coming my way.

Love is the key to everything. there no such thing as enimies a we are all One.

What kind of person do I truly want to be? – Knight of Cups. Tarot of Dreams.
What kind of person do i truly want to be? – Knight of Cups – Water – 20 degrees Fixed/10 degrees Cardinal – 20 degrees Scorpio/10 degrees Libra.

The kind of person I truly want to be is someone who expresses their emotions from the heart and with passion. I truly want to be someone who is romantic and thoughtful towards their partner. This also would include their other relationships as well. Because of the 20 degrees of Scorpio I want sex to play a big part in my romantic relationships. The 10 degrees of Libra ensures that my passions do not become obsessions and get out of control. I truly want to be someone that believes in love as well as Love.  

XVI The Tower - Tarot of Dreams

Where am I in the present moment? – XVI The Tower Tarot of Dreams.

Where am I in the present moment? – XVI The Tower – Fire –  Mars.

In the present moment I am in a period of destruction and rebuild. What is being destroyed and rebuilt are my values and what matters to me. Looking at the card the we are looking at the tower moments after the lightning has struck the card. We have yet to see the aftermarth of events. Makes me wonder if a global or national event has just occurred that will have far reaching consequences. I should check the news. My head is tingling strongly at this suggestion at this thought so this is confirmation from the Divine I should do that. I’ve just also had the thought of the dominoes are starting to fall. Elementally this is fire at its most destructive destroying everything in its path. Fire also can be cleansing getting rid of the old so the new can be created and take its place. In traditional astrology this card is ruled by Mars. This is also showing Mars in his most destructive form, achieving victory at any cost. Although in this card the lightning represents striking his opponent at their weakest point to bring them down. 

09 Oct 2016 12:26 am

Ace of Wands - Tarot of Dreams
How have I wasted my energy? – Ace of Wands. Tarot of Dreams.

How have I wasted my energy? Ace of Wands – Fire.

I have wasted my energy by exploding and billowing smoke like the volcano. I should now focus on warming myself via Divine Light and inspiration. Instead I should focus on any opportunities that are presented to me. I have also been wasting my life on my past reptillian influence and DNA. The Divine Light will take care of that. Instead I should look ahead and enjoy any inspiration that comes my way. This is also telling me to switch my focus from those still under reptillian influence because the Divine is taking care of them.

The message of this card is straight to the point and doesn’t waste any time, which is really fitting for this question! 

​Dear Lady Gabriel,

I hope I find you well. Please be with me now. Surround me with love and share your message.

Dear Lily,

I hope you are also well. Thank you for agreeing to be my channel again. Please pass along the following message:

You are now entering turbulent times. Do not be afraid. The turbulent times will bring you freedom. At the end of chaos there is freedom.

Thank you Lady Gabriel. Stacey Lily xxx

4 of Coins - Tarot of Dreams

How can I align to my purpose? – 4 of Coins [Pentacles] Tarot of Dreams.

How can I align to my purpose? – 4 of Coins – Earth – Cardinal – Sun in Capricorn.

I can align to my purpose by showing what I have hidden away. This usually involves material things but in my case I think its things that I treasure namely the messages and information that I receive from the Divine. I tend to keep it private because I don’t want to tip off the Dark Ones what the Divine knows. Also these messages feel like private communication. Sharing would feel like airing my dirty laundry. I also don’t want to get people’s hopes up. However, cardinal modality is all about birthing new energy. By sharing what I know I would creating new resources for myself and others that would align with my purpose. Sun in Capricorn tells me it’s time to stop protecting myself and share my spiritual mastery with others. It’s time to show off my treasure rather than hoard it.

VIII Strength - Tarot of Dreams

What do I need to know about my career? – VIII Strength – Fire – Fixed – Leo. Tarot of Dreams. 

What do i need to know about my career? – VIII Strength. What I need to know about my career is that I am, or soon will be working with others to get things. Not only will I be working with others I will be assisting them. These will likely be partnerships or small groups in size. I have been doing this for a while with my subconscious, and in the higher realm. The work is now filtering into my conscious perception. The relationships in my career are and will be mutually beneficial for all parties concerned. Being associated with fire my career will likely have connections to my spirituality and what I am passionate about. Therefore finding about what I am passionate is key here. A fixed modality shows that this passion can become a source of stability and power for me. The Leo qualities of this card show me that what is happening with my career now and in the near future will give me a chance to shine. The energy of Leo will allow my dreams that I create with my Aries energy to come to fruition.    

5 of Cups - Tarot of Dreams
What is trying to come forth into my life? – 5 of Cups. Tarot of Dreams.

What is trying to come forth into my life? – 5 of Cups – Water – Fixed – Mars in Scorpio.

A keyword for me for this card was heartbreak but in relation to this question I wasn’t sure how to interpret this card without other cards for context. Then I saw the two full cups behind the female figure and then I understood the message. What is trying to come forth in my life is emotional fulfillment, happiness and Joy. To allow it in I need to stop focusing on what emotionally drains me, and more on what gives me Joy and makes me happy. I have acknowledged to myself that I feel emotionally empty, so now it’s time to change direction and move forward. I’m even hearing look behind you and turn around. Whether this is means physically, metaphorically, or spiritually I am not sure yet. Being fixed in modality means that I should use my emotions as a stable power source for change and what is coming into my life. Mars in Scorpio is a natural expression of the energy as Mars rules Scorpio in traditional associations. However, although Mars is happily placed here I should make sure that Mars does not become too destructive and out of control.