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Wisdom of the Queen of Swords - Tarot Pearls of Wisdom

Wisdom of the Queen of Swords

Tarot Pearls of Wisdom

5 of Cups - Tarot of Dreams
What is trying to come forth into my life? – 5 of Cups. Tarot of Dreams.

What is trying to come forth into my life? – 5 of Cups – Water – Fixed – Mars in Scorpio.

A keyword for me for this card was heartbreak but in relation to this question I wasn’t sure how to interpret this card without other cards for context. Then I saw the two full cups behind the female figure and then I understood the message. What is trying to come forth in my life is emotional fulfillment, happiness and Joy. To allow it in I need to stop focusing on what emotionally drains me, and more on what gives me Joy and makes me happy. I have acknowledged to myself that I feel emotionally empty, so now it’s time to change direction and move forward. I’m even hearing look behind you and turn around. Whether this is means physically, metaphorically, or spiritually I am not sure yet. Being fixed in modality means that I should use my emotions as a stable power source for change and what is coming into my life. Mars in Scorpio is a natural expression of the energy as Mars rules Scorpio in traditional associations. However, although Mars is happily placed here I should make sure that Mars does not become too destructive and out of control.

XXI The World - Tarot of Dreams
Where am I strongest? – XXI The World. Tarot of Dreams

Where am I strongest? –  XXI The World – Saturn.

Where am I strongest? I am strongest when I go beyond the limitations of the physical Earth. I am also strongest when I combine all aspects of myself. Strength also comes from being One with the Earth.


#CHMMEFallChallenge Day 03 How can I better myself? – 6 of Swords. Tarot of Dreams.

How can I better myself? – 6 of Swords – Air – Fixed – Mercury in Aquarius.

I can better myself by moving to a better place, especially with my thoughts. Is this another indication that moving to my Galactic home will move me to a better place? I think so. Being an Air card this suggests that I can better myself by embracing new thoughts and ideas. Mercury in Aquarius means that I can better myself by communicating ideas about the future and the sciences. I can better myself by talking life changing journeys and taking on Divine Guidance. This could also be another indication that I can improve myself by moving to another planet, or Galactic ship.

Who am I?… King of Wands. Tarot of Dreams.

King of Wands – Fire of Fire – Mutable/Fixed – 20 degrees Sagittarius/10 degrees Scorpio.

Who am I? Like most souls I am a mixture of different energies. I am a master of the spiritual realms and have confidence in what I’m doing. Being a King I prefer to observe rather than engage directly. I also sense I have a degree of authority in the spiritual realms to enable me to carry out my missions while I am on Earth. However, I  still report to a higher authority whether it be Blessed Father, Blessed Mother, or Lady Gabriel. Being fire of fire I am very passionate and driven about whatever I choose to do. Being 2/3 fiery mutable energy.I am flexible and adaptable wwith a large capacity to transform and fertilise myself, others and what I undertake. I prepare spiritural energy to be reborn in another (cardinal) form.Being  Sagittarius this gives me an elevated perspective of what I create with my sun sign Aries energy. Being a King I am her to help prepare Souls on Earth to prepare for their next cycle. The 10 degrees of fixed energy gives me a stable source of power to tap into. A strong fouundation that increases my capacity to be flexible. Scorpio being the fixed sign allows this source to be my primal energy and emotions. I feel things deeply. 20 degrees of Sagittarius meams that I focus on the long term and higher education. Both spiritual and earthly. The 10 degrees of Scorpio connects me to my emotions and allows mr to create stability using my primal energy.  

Werewolf: What defines my transformation? – 7 of Cups. Tarot of Dreams.

7 of Cups – Water – Fixed – Venus in Scorpio.

What defines my transformation is the choices open to me and the choices that I choose to make. I’m often pulled in many directions, and I am not sure the choices that I make are the best ones. My emotions often influence my decisionsand I often have strong emotional reactions to the choices available to me. 7 of Cups is a fixed water card and being associated with Scorpio, so my tranformation is defined by my emotions growing and evolving. there is also a deep primal energy here as Scorpio is also associated with sex and our more primal energy. I need to trust myself, and also trust the Divine in that their guidance is directing me to make the right decision. Venus being in Scorpio suggests that my transformation is characterised by the values I hold dear, and what I want most of all. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio because she finds herself in the opposite sign of wish she rules. Because of this, Venus finds herself unable to express her qualities fully iin this position. This is something which I can relate to as this describes the energy I was feeling while doing this reading. I sometimes feel that my desires for what I want are being overuled by other forces, and my voice and what I want has not been taken into consideration. Choices sometimes feel imposed on me by others, and that is sometimes reflected in my transformation.

Since doing this reading the energy and relationship between me and the Divine has become more balanced to the benefit of everybody concerned.  The issues I discussed above have now been resolvved.


I know it’s been a while. *smiles*

I’ve decided to take part in the #CHMMEFallChallenge this year. Each day in October I will draw a tarot card to answer each question. It looks like a fun challenge to take part in.


On 22nd January I decided to draw a card to contemplate on to work towards my ‘Sun’day goal. I drew the Knight of Pentacles from Crystal Visions Tarot. These are the questions I came up with.

Where am I going?
What should my quest be?
Where should I be going?
What is my next destination on this journey?
What is my final destination on this journey?
What resources are at my disposal?
What conflicts/obstacles will I face on this journey?
Where have I come from?
What should I respond to?
What should I ignore?
Where do I want to go?
Where am I now?

I then turned these questions into a tarot spread.

24 Jan 2013

Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot

130130_Contemplation Questions pt 1

Where am I now? [Queen of Cups]

Am I now in a place where I feel confident to trust my intuition and the messages that I receive. I am also acting upon them but now understand that the situation is fluid. I am now exploring my power in creating what I need and desire but realise I need to go with the flow. I am looking for long term commitment but not seeking a formalisation of a union. I would like a relationship where I can explore my loving emotions and show that to someone without fear.

Where have I come from? [King of Swords]

I have come from a place where I have mastered new thoughts and ideas. 2012 was a year where my knowledge and practice expanded including Angelology and receiving messages from the Divine in forms other than Tarot and the Runes. This card also makes me think I‘ve come from a position of stability mentally with my thoughts and ideas from last year have become embedded in my spiritual practice.

Looking at the King and Queen in their current positions I draw the following conclusions:

– I need to be in a stable mental position before I can expand my emotional responses and vocabulary.

– For me, there is a close relationship between my thoughts and feelings. Like two sides of the same coin. One seems to take control and then the situation is flipped and the other aspect is dominant. I have worked out yet how to use both my thoughts and feelings together at the same time. This has also come up in other readings and perhaps is an indicator of my Personality and Soul card, The Chariot. I keep moving from one end of the spectrum to another, and I have not discovered the middle road, or how to keep travelling along it for long periods.

– I am able to control my thoughts directly and face problematic thoughts head on but I cannot do so with my feelings as the King is looking straight ahead, looking directly at me but although the Queen is aware of my presence she cannot bring herself to look me straight in the eye.

Where am I going? [Six of Wands]

I am going to a place where I can celebrate victory after all the strife I have experienced. This version of the card has a deeper meaning for me in that it shows I am heading towards situations that will allow me to be at one with my primal self. I may also be given situations where I can forge alliances with unexpected allies. The card is giving a strong ‘Circle of Life’ vibe. I also sense that I will conquer challenges that will allow me to come into my own power and present it to the world. I must be aware of my ego though as boastfulness may alienate some of my supporters.

Using the cards elemental qualities I am moving from ideas (sword) to emotions (cup) to my spirituality and ambition (wand).

Where should I be going? [Three of Pentacles]

I should be thinking about creating something with what I already have. I should look out for a partnership with a like minded individual(s) who will help me create something that I can be proud of but also benefit a wider group or community. This individual that I should seek will have different skills to me but these skills will compliment my own. Similar in many ways but also ying ang in others.

Comparing the Six of Wands and the Three of Pentacles I am currently aiming for a personal victory and integration of my primal aspects but I should aim for longer term gratification and create something so victories in my future will be sweeter.

This leads me to consider these questions:

– How do I change from where I’m going to where I should be going?

– What should I be creating?

– How should I present this creation?

– How will I find this like minded individual?

Where do I want to go? [Two of Cups]

I want to go to a place where I can have a romantic union with someone. A place where my fantasies can come true. A blessing from the Divine. I want to be in the company of someone who mutually enjoys spending time with me. I want to spend time with someone I care about.

Comparing the Two of Cups with the Three of Pentacles and the Six of Wands I can see that instead of focusing on myself I should work on creating relationships with others but not on a romantic level but focusing more on creating things that manifest in a physical way.

What is my next destination on this journey? [Page of Swords]

My next destination on this journey is new ideas that will start a new period of learning and education for me. This will lead to new expectations for me. This is quite young energy and will need to be nurtured to grow. Court cards are manifestations of energy and a page is the start of an energy in my life. One thing to note is that this destination maybe altered if I do what I should be doing suggested by Three of Pentacles. I need to remember that no matter how scary things might look to me now, the moment will pass. I can still protect myself even from a sitting position. My wheelchair does not make me weak, even if people use it to make judgements on me.

What is my final destination on this journey? [IX The Hermit]

My final destination on this journey is being able to feel more confident in my own skin so I can follow the path that I need to follow without shame. It will also bring me closer to the Divine and allow me to communicate the messages sent to me by the Angels and increase the potency of the work I can do with Tarot and Runes. This is a signpost on my spiritual path being a Major Arcana card. The Hermit was my year card in 2011 so I feel I am being taken back in time before I can move forward.

Crystal Visions Tarot is by Jennifer Galasso and published by US Games. I’m using this Deck Interview spread.

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? [8 of Wands]


My most important characterisation is quick and fast communication. Shows you the situation as it is so you can take immediate decisions and action. Action that may appear chaotic but there will be patterns of direction if you look closely enough. I will encourage you to move into a direction. Make my, and therefore your presence felt into the world. Any action suggested by me me is directed by the Divine for your development as shown by the stampeding horses in this card.

2. What are your strengths as a deck? [7 of Cups]


My strengths as a deck is to make you think about your world make it more expansive. It has become smaller and smaller as time has progressed. You need to think about the possible as well as the probable. You’re the only one who can make your world big again. The rainbow going to and from one of the chalices indicates your nature as a rainbow soul and I’m here to show you how to make the most out of being a rainbow soul. You’re a playful soul but you need to learn to play again. To take enjoyment from your creative skills and to create the world you want to live in.

3. What are your limits as a deck? [4 of Swords]


I’m not a deck that you should use for meditation. I’m not a deck that you should use when you want to quieten your mind. I’m here to get you moving and DOING! Don’t you love me already??? Your Aries get up and go has retreated into shadow and I’m here to assist you bring it back in glorious daylight!

4. What do you bring to the table — what are you here to teach me? [XIII Death]


I am here to teach you to stop grieving for your old like and to transform so you can embrace the Divine and the life that it wishes for you to have. To connect with the Primal Self so you can do the things that you love with Joy in your heart instead of guilt. Be proud of who you are. Face your shadow self so you can walk into the light instead of hiding in shadow, not letting people see who you are, and what you are here to do. To embrace your Power and not hide from it.

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? [9 of Swords]


Stop thinking about the worst things that could happen to you. This is also born out by the Angel numbers that your Guardian Angels have been sending you. Give your shadow self a voice and those things that need to be removed from your life and give them to the Ravens to take away. Stop seeing yourself as a victim and as the strong woman you really are. Find the 16 year old self who was determined she could take on anything and become her again. You’ve become intimidated by your physical body and its limitations. Your soul would not have been given this body if the Divine knew you were strong enough to bear its challenges. You need to have faith in yourself and us, the Divine. This card is The Star, as you need to confront the darkness you have created before you can emerge into the light. There are very good reasons your Teacher card is The Tower. Best thing you can do when working with me is to confront your own darkness.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? [Knight of Pentacles]


The potential outcome of this relationship is that it will be a long term relationship being a pentacle card. Changes in your life will not happen overnight but will be gradual progressions. This also ties in with the message of transformation brought by the Death card. On the face of it this contrasts with the Eight of Wands but although my messages will be quick, direct, and straight to the point any action resulting from them will not be. You need to make a commitment to take action every single day, even it is just a single thing as everything counts. Our relationship will be about moving forward and no longer standing still and hiding away.


This deck doesn’t say much but what it does say is direct and to the point! Very much an embodiment of the Eight of Wands. This deck will support me, and encourage me to look at my shadow self. I think this deck would be good to use with gated spreads as they also encourage action to take before you move onto the next reading.

I hope that you have Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. I hope you all have a great time. I would like to take this opportunity to say a couple of Benevolent Prayers.

I ask any and all Beings to ensure that all Souls feel loved and cherished this holiday season and throughout 2013 and beyond. Thank you.

I also ask that any and all Beings bring comfort to all souls who are experiencing sadness and loneliness at this time. Wrap them in your Love & Light, and let them be aware of your Loving presence. Thank you.

I ask any and all Beings to assist Lightworkers and other Souls to raise their vibrations, so that they can nourish themselves with Love & Light and radiate this energy to the Souls around them. Thank you.

Blessings to you All.

I ask any and all Beings to assist all Souls affected by the latest Earthquake in Japan. Thank you.

I ask any and all Beings to assist all Souls affected by the shooting in Pennsylvania today. Thank you.

I ask any and all Beings to help all Souls who are Energy Healers and Lightworkers to raise their vibrations and to be open conduits for Love & Light from the Creator, Guardian Angels, and Mother Earth. Thank you.