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Wisdom of the Queen of Swords - Tarot Pearls of Wisdom

Wisdom of the Queen of Swords

Tarot Pearls of Wisdom

Well this is my first column, and I struggled with that age old question: How should I begin?

A little bit about myself. I'm nearly twenty five and I've been studying tarot on and off now for about three and a half years. When I can find work I am an IT tutor that works with people over the age of sixteen. I live with my mum who is also my carer as I have cerebral palsy which affects my mobility. I live in the United Kingdom and so my experiences of the tarot reflect this. I currently own six tarot decks: Universal Waite, Gilded, Robin Wood, Llewellyn, Druid Craft, and my first deck which is unnamed, purchased from a supermarket. My favourites are the Gilded and the Druid Craft.

Why the wisdom of the Queen of Swords, I hear you cry! Why not the wisdom of the King of Wands, or the wisdom of the Magic 8 ball? I'll answer the second question first. There is no magic 8 ball in a tarot deck that I know of, and I chose the Queen of Swords as I feel that this card is the one closest to my own unique qualities. Heh. Anyway the Queen of Swords is someone who loves using their mind for solving problems or engaging in pursuits be it creative or analytical. They love to share their ideas and thoughts with people and are full of fascinating, but often useless trivia. On the downside, lets face it there has to be one, these Queens look at problems from a factual perspective and often fail to take into account any emotional costs that may occur. This can make them appear cold and insensitive. They are also quick to attack, often verbally, if they feel threatened. So writing this column is confirmation of my Queen of Swordsness.

Today's topic was inspired by daytime television, the downside to being unemployed. They were discussing whether they believed in tarot and astrology. One of the panellists said yes, and another one turned and said “Well you're quite a needy person, aren't you?” I'm not bothered whether people believe or not but I was interested in their attitudes towards the person that did. I believe in tarot and astrology but I don't think I am a needy person. I certainly don't think that everyone that believes in tarot uses it as an emotional crutch, something that will magically fix all their problems. However, it would be foolish for me not to recognise that some people will use tarot for that reason; but then anything can used as an emotional band aid if someone wishes to use it in that way.

What really annoyed me about the comment however, was the implicit assumption that people who look to tarot and astrology are sad, and leading unfulfilled lives. That in essence we are being conned so we can feel better about ourselves. I usually find that these kind of comments are made by people with no, or limited experience of the tarot and just serve to perpetuate the myths that already exist. If a seeker goes to a responsible, competent tarot reader then the process of tarot reading should be explained to them. Tarot is not a tool for telling a person's fortune; tarot is best used as a tool for self improvement or highlighting the different factors at work in a certain situation so that a person can decide what to do for themselves. Tarot can of course suggest what action a person should take but the decision making ultimately lies with the person asking the question. It's a tool of empowerment. In my opinion tarot is not a tool to be used for questions that require a yes or no answer as that is taking power away from the person who needs to make the decisions.

The majority of people that I come across, seekers and readers, understand that tarot gives you an extra dimension to what you already know; but the power of the cards comes from within and not the cards themselves. We give the cards their power if we are open enough to the messages they offer. They do not control our actions but sometimes they give us that push to move forward in our journeys from Fools to Magicians.

Of course I may have a biased view myself since most people in my tarot circle are readers but feel free to share your views.


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To the Wisdom of the Queen of Swords. Please bear in mind that I am using the term loosely. Here I shall be waxing lyrical about my views and opinions about all things tarot related every Friday. Please feel free to voice your own opinion in the comments as long as you play nicely with others. I would hate to use the sharp blade of my sword on anyone.

There are some basic rules so we have have some sort of order.

1. No flaming. Respect for your fellow members is very much expected. Even if you are absolutely convinced that your view is the correct one, that doesn’t give you the right to railroad over other people.

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