To the Wisdom of the Queen of Swords. Please bear in mind that I am using the term loosely. Here I shall be waxing lyrical about my views and opinions about all things tarot related every Friday. Please feel free to voice your own opinion in the comments as long as you play nicely with others. I would hate to use the sharp blade of my sword on anyone.

There are some basic rules so we have have some sort of order.

1. No flaming. Respect for your fellow members is very much expected. Even if you are absolutely convinced that your view is the correct one, that doesn’t give you the right to railroad over other people.

2. Please do not use 733t or text speak in your comments. Some members do not have English as their first language. Using 733t or text speak them makes it harder for them to contribute to the discussions.

3. No question is a stupid question. If you would like to ask me something related to tarot please feel free to email me at and I will try to answer it here or if you wish I will email you privately.

4. If you have something relating to TAROT that you think other people should know about email me and I will mention it here.

5. If you would like to be affiliated to me email me and I will add you to the links list.

The base image for my icon and community banner are the Queen of Swords from the Druid Craft deck © Will Worthington. I just photoshopped them a little.

Your resident Queen of Swords –